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“The Relationship Co is a very understanding company. They understand my wants and needs. When I have a conflict with a match, they listen, accomodate and fix it as soon as they can. Thank you.”


“The Relationship Co is a different dating company.  The staff genuinely wants to create a lasting relationship between two people. l thank The Relationship Co for helping me to find my wife. Had we not become clients of The Relationship Co, we would not have met. We were lucky. We have been married almost 4 years and Omaira is truly my soul mate and my better half. She completes me. Having a back ground check, meeting for an interview and taking a written test on our personality helped in the method of matching. The most important item in matching couples is the values that they share. lt is not easy to find someone to share your life with but The Relationship Co does their best. We are happy we got together and enjoy our life. When someone asks us, how did you guys got together, we tell them that The Relationship Co did it.”

–Gordon G.

“The Relationship Co has made finding the right person fun and easy. If you have any questions or problems they are always there to assist you. If you are looking for someone to date, The Relationship Co is the first place to start.”


“Face to face interviews, credit and criminal background checks are part of the procedure. You are matched by interests, personality traits and values as major considerations.  You have the option to meet the owner face to face. You get to know the staff personally and they look out for your best interests. Some programs include pictures so if you purchase a program without photographs you don't see a picture of the potential match before choosing to go forward with accepting the match. You do, however, receive a complete physical description from the staff. One of the things that makes this company unique is that the staff is always available by phone and return your calls in a timely fashion.”

–K. T.

“I am a member and prefer to post anonymously.  I have not met 'the one' yet, but have found this to be a wonderful company that does a background check and compatibility matching. They operate with integrity and genuine caring for their clients."


“A professional staff provided many questions that were analyzed. The individuals who were interested in my profile were given my info and I theirs. Personal contacts were arranged by the staff so I only met with people I was interested in meeting. I chose to marry one wonderful woman. Some travel was required. The service is unique in the professional staff and professional contacts. My wife and I are very happy we met. She was not the first contact, but she was my last.”


“I paid a one time fee. The company performed an interview and detailed assessment which included a background check. The staff called at least once per month with a potential match. I could accept the match and meet the person, or decline and wait for the next match.  I felt safer with a background check and meeting these people. Also, through the interview, there was a discussion of preferences so the matches were more likely to yield a good match. The personal approach is unique. I enjoyed the regular talks with the staff by phone. They are available to answer questions, offer information, suggestions, etc. It is a very good process. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a special someone. I had good service, a wonderful match (had 3 previous matches whom I met and declined to meet again) and I'm very happy. They still follow-up with me. Worth every penny.”


“description: Full featured matchmaking service. Personalized service. pros: Personalized service and I was matched by the owner herself. Criminal background checks and very extensive reviews. No potential for scams by disingenuous people. cons: Nothing really. I liked it so much more than those internet dating sites. unique: Personalized match making, criminal background checks, no way to cheat the system by predators, etc. comments: I would say it is worth the money. The owner matched me herself and I am very happy with the matches that were presented to me. I am a current active member.”


“I joined The Relationship Co. several years ago. What appeared to me was that they would do all the work for me. I did not have to look for men I wanted to meet on the internet or screen men from multiple emails of phone calls. Most importantly, I knew I would meet men who were just as invested as I have been in finding a special person to share life experiences with. In other words, these people are interested in being in a committed relationship. Before l joined The Relationship Co., I dated some great guys who thought they were ready for a committed relationship but really were not. It was important to me to invest my time, energy and love in a man who truly wanted the same thing from a relationship that i do. My only requirement from the service was to approve matches, meet compatible people and provide the company with feedback in order to hone future matches. I have always liked the process-oriented nature of my membership.”


“I purchased a complete program for an introduction service to 18 potential well screened, well matched men. I liked the personality screening of "members"; background checks; staff called to introduce members to you which you could accept or decline; then your date called you to meet. I met fiance Chris on my third date -- best investment l ever made -- we were highly compatible and fell in love quickly! I felt very safe with this service, knew candidates were well screened, educated and employed. An excellent experience! The individual and personalized approach is unique with good screening. Great for mature singles 40's 50's who have solid careers, life experience and know what they want. In this world of on-line dating services, which I chose purposely NOT to use, The Relationship Co was a personalized, confidential service -- with great results -- it was very worthwhile because I met the love of my life and life partner.”


“I met with Elissa G. in Trumbull, CT. Her perceptiveness about the type of person she is intervieing and her judgmerit in making a match makes her service worth every penny. Measurements and matrix evaluations on the internet cannot match her mastery in relationships. She can see who a person is and understands what has been missing in past relationships and what is needed from a future relationship. She uses her perception to partner people who can fulfill each other. Nothing matches someone who looks you in the eye and says "I know someone who is right for you!" She called me with a match, explained all the little things that made this introductions truly special and told me "this is someone you must meet!“ We met and I found everything Elissa had told me was true. She introduced me to a wonderful woman who is so right for me in so many ways. She is absolutely wonderful and we are incredibly happy! Iam very grateful to Elissa G's Relationship Co.”

–Peter M., Trumbull, CT

“I have been a client for two months now and Elissa Gauge has been absoultely wonderful to deal with! Elissa and her staff work to insure that your date is a match for you. The rest is up to you and chemistry. All matching is done with in the company, no second party vendor. The dates I have been on, the type person I would like to meet, I have met. That special person I know I have met and I owe that to starting a relationship with "The Relationship Co." Thank You Elissa.”


“After being on match and e harmony the experience with The Relationship Co. is what a professional introduction service should be. The personal service that the owner, Elissa Gouge brings forth is real and trusting- The process you on thru to become a member, the quality of the people you meet, is well woith the price of the service. Elissa is a person that will listen to the specific qualities that you are looking for in a date, and when she says " I have someone in mind for you" she really does have the person with the qualities you desire. The woman that Elissa selected for me, has those qualities and more. I have been together with this wonderful woman, and our relationship keeps growing. The Relationship Co. is truly a very professional company with a very professional staff, and you cannot get this type of service from an on-line dating site. Thank You, Elissa”

–Don B.

“I think back with delight and cosmic reverence to when I met with the matcher at Elissa G's Relationship Co. She kept asking me more and more about myself: what I thought, how I felt. We'd been talking for quite a while when she interrupted herself to mention that she was thinking of somebody specific for me... but she couldn't remember her name at that moment, Hmm, she said.. she's an artist! She said that she thought she might be very appropriate for me but what was her name?! Her name is Kathleen. And their matcher was totally correct. Absolutely correct. Amazingly correct. Home run! We're completely in love, deeply in love and we have The Relationship Co in particular to thank for it! Their matcher's insight, understanding, personal interest, sincere energy, hunch or whatever you call it, is responsible for the best thing that ever happened to me. Kath and I are ridiculously happy together. Their matcher was the major catalyst in creating the most magnificient part of my life.”


“I wanted to fill you in on my first date last night, it was more than I expected. She was beautiful, smart, and everything that I was looking for in a woman. Since moving to Trumbull, it's been difficult for me to find dates, but thanks to The Relationship Company, I feel confident I'll meet some great people.”

–Darrin6, Trumbull, CT

“My experience with Elissa and The Relationship Company in Trumbull has been nothing but positive. Elissa has helped me find compatible dates and given me a lot of great dating advice. My only complaint is that I should've joined sooner”

–jessie45J, Trumbull, CT

“We wanted to take a moment and thank The Relationship Co. in Trumbull for bringing us together. For the past 6 months we have been inseperable and wnjoy spending all of our time together. We're so happy and it's all thanks to you!”

–ronpeter59, Trumbull, CT

“Elissa Gouge's Relationship Co. in New England is more than just a quality dating service. He company is based on a team of relationship professionals who are dedicated to providing clients with that they need to succeed in relationships. This is more than just receiving quality introductions to singles who meet your criteria. He staff works with clients who are interested in acquiring the skills and/or changing skill in order to develop and sustain a quality lifetime relationship. It is impossible to find this in internet dating or any other services that I know of.”


“Service was warm and individualized & tailored to me and what I was looking for. The staff had a real interest in me personally and knew what I was looking for. I felt that I was not just another person but someone that they were really interested in me personally. The types of people that I was matched with were compatible with me and I felt that the staff really took their time in looking for someone that I would be interested in. I also felt that I had a pool of people to choose from and more options that I would have had on my own and also more quality choices. The background check was peace of mind to me and probably the biggest factor in helping me make my decision to join. I was always very comfortable with the staff and everyone was always very professional & genuinely interested in me & they are very good at what they are doing.”

–C. T., Granby, MA

“My experience with The Relationship Company was a very positive one. All the ladies that I was introduced to were very nice. I have very different values and it was nice to be introduced to women who maintain the same values as me. The fact that a background check was done on all members was a plus to my membership. My initial interview was a very thorough interview which I felt was very necessary in someone getting to know me so I felt very comfortable with the process. The staff of The Relationship Company were always very professional and I always felt that I was being treated with respect”

–J. S., Brandford, CT

“Never had any problems with the service. Never had a bad experience. I chose this service as it is more personalized and the staff is always willing to listen to me. I am on other sites as well but with this company it is nice having someone I could talk to about what was going on. There has never been a lack of communication.”

–Steve, Burlington, CT

“I have always felt that The Relationship Company was very good. I like the fact that they do background checks and they present the people to you that they feel would be a good match. You get to know a little bit about the person before you actually meet them and that was a very comfortable feeling. The Relationship Company made me feel as it was a very personable experience. The staff was always very good with me. I also liked the hours that they have Customer Service Representative available as when you work regular hours I always knew that they were there to take my calls at the end of my work day. As I always say you get what you pay for and I definitely feel that was the case with The Relationship Company. I got good service and met a wonderful lady”

–Dave, Russel, MA

“I felt that the Customer Service with The Relationship Company was very professional and the staff was very kind. They were always willing to take the time to answer any questions that I had and also to just listen to me if l had any concerns. Knowing that background checks are done on the potential matches that I was going to meet made me feel much more comfortable.”

–C. R.

“I was always really happy with the level of Customer Service from The Relationship Company. All of the gentlemen that I was matched with and introduced to were very nice, respectable men. I felt very good about the fact that all my matches had a background check which made me more comfortable being introduced to them, with the internet you do not get that. You just get pictures and bios and you really know nothing about them. I also like the fact that no computers are used and it is all done manually. The staff at The Relationship Company were very understanding, and very professional and were always there to answer any questions I may have had. I thought at first the initial interview was a little lengthy but when you think about it has to be so that they can get to know you as they are making a huge impact with your life.”


“I wanted to say that I have been working with the relationship company for a while now and they have introduced me to 4 women so far who have been wonderful people, but I have not found that "love of my life" yet. The people at The Relationship Company have been very accommodating, however. For a while, I reconnected with a woman I met online who I dated for three months, and The Relationship Company let me suspend my membership until I was looking for a partner again. Things didn‘I work out with that woman I had found online. Now, The Relationship Company continues to work with me with the goal of helping me find a partner for the rest of my life. I am very pleased with their services and highly recommend anyone who is looking for a higher level of help to use The Relationship Company.”